honestly though

Everyone wants discounts ! How does 24% off Retail prices sound ?

When someone showed me the difference of how much money I could save, and how many gorgeous freebies I could get.  It didn't take me long to make a minimum order to get me a wholesale account.  The generosity of this company still continues to blow me away !  I get happy when I update my monthly order.
Of course there are always options, you can choose to buy any of the products Retail once off (Im not sure I know anyone that does this. haha).  Then you have the option to get a Wholesale account and order sporadically.  OR you can choose the Essential Rewards program, which rewards you (gives back to you) for making a regular monthly order.  This is the best option by far.

Okay, so here are some options for you -

Retail = Full price - head on over to the online shop & start finding your goodies !
Wholesale = 24% discount off Retail price (to become a wholesale account holder, you must first purchase a starter kit, I love the Premium Starter Kit (PSK).
Essential Rewards = 24% discount off Retail price, discounted shipping, points to redeem towards free product ! Sooo good.  Plus other awesome promotions.

Click on this link for online shop !

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