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Okay, so, there is so much to say in the space of Essential Oils and Emotions, although I will say this, Emotions & Essential Oils together ! WOAH, a phenomenal combination !

Right now, Im at the tail end of my EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Studies, to become an EFT Practitioner.  I'm so freakin' excited !!
I first learned of EFT about 4 or 5 years ago, and it impacted me, however I never really sat with it fully get how it worked. Then I met a Doctor who told me about an online trial that was running at a Uni nearby to me using EFT to curb emotional cravings.  I successfully became a participant of the trial, and using EFT this time I was impacted on a deeper level (like childhood stuff), and so I couldn't but not want to learn more about how this worked.
Now, I feel like Im not only learning so much, and I'm still only on the tip of the iceberg knowledge, but I have also noticed that I'm way more confident in myself, I have new habits which I love like meditating way more frequently then just once a week, and  life is less frustrating, and way more inspiring (probably because I'm getting the clarity & making new connections).  The power of our mind is becoming ever more present to me.  EFT is still classed as experimental, even with clinical trials have shown that EFT tapping is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress. Once the distress is reduced or removed, the body can often rebalance itself.

Stress they say is a killer, and I don't doubt it at all.  It comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes we don't even know it, because that's how we roll... What is good to know, is that, there is an essential oil called Stress Away, and it is a god send !!!! Either going through a stressful situation or have had a stressful situation.  So many oils soothe the soul when it comes to relaxation and rejuvenating mind, body, and spirit.  The first one that comes to mind is Lavendarrrrr, most people find it very comforting, the likes of Frankincense to use in a yoga or meditation class and not one that many would think but there is a blend called Thieves, its this yummy blend of spices, and strangely, that smell melts away worries...
So, if you don't have these essential oils, you are missing out big time !!  and why its next to impossible for me to run an online class to get the  on this very experiential practise.
So I decided, to change one of my basic Essential Oil 101 Classes to an Aroma Freedom Class, its one way to use the oils and an entry level, and yet still impressive way to create new inspiring ways of being.  It kinda has to be an in person event, and if you aren't in my local area, please contact me, because Im happy to arrange an online conference call to you, to talk more about it all, in more detail. Go to event info here -

There is a beautiful collection of oils that are well known for keeping our emotions healthy called the "Feelings Kit".  Its too hard to figure out a favourite oil in this kit because they are all soooooo good in their own right.
All the oils I mentioned above are in a very awesome Premium Starter Kit (PSK), which comes with a Diffuser (which I have a lot of in my home, even my boys have a dolphin & dinosaur one each - pictured below from this years Christmas Catalogue).  Ill do a video & come back & link it in once I do.  Although do check out the PSK, its by far the best value for money & they are oils that are by far the most popular to use in everyday life. StarterKit_Booklet_AUS_2017


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