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Essential Oils have given me so much in the last year while I have been studying to become an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, and I'll be pumping them for all they are worth while I'm coming up to finishing my course !

For the last 5 years or so Ive been doing some serious personal development, you will read more about that in other posts.  I have been using meditations off youtube for ages and these days I've become quite conscious of my body movement & breath if Im breathing or walking or talking fast or slow...

In times where I have been running on low energy and Ive been ready to either have a midday sleep or procrastinate and I want to extend myself to get the chapter Im reading finished, or if I find I'm stressed or lack motivation to play back my audio for transcribing again, to get the document complete; there are 5 main go to oils for while Im studying... they are Lemon, Basil, Rosemary, Peppermint and Citrus Fresh.  These oils give such an uplifting vibe, and they make me feel more awake.

I use them in a few different ways; mostly I love using my Aria diffuser. I close my office door, where I do most of my work & study, and it doesn't take long for a rather strong aroma filled room to perk me up !  There is definitely a one of my fav's that I always have with me which is my Spritzer... sitting in my office, and when it's really hot, I use our air conditioning, which seems to dry my skin out.  Its super hydrating to use some of my dewy lemon, peppermint & lavender mist, it feels so good... Putting the oils on neat, by dropping 3 or 4 drops into the palm of my hand and rubbing them together and then applying the oils from my hands to my neck, throat, and around my hairline is totally invigorating...  the last way I can think of that I use the oils is drinks like a drop of peppermint or lemon in water, or in a yummy warm peppermint hot chocolate...  Which is way more healthy than the coffee option, and Im a coffee lover so it's a nice reprieve to enjoy a yummy home made hot chocolate.

Here is my recipe for my Peppermint Hot Chocolate -
This is the yummiest hot chocolate Ever !











If you have a love for learning like me, then essential oils are really handy to have around.  They take the edge off the pressure, and makes me remember to breathe deeply too... I think when intense times come, like the lead up to an exam, one of the things Im pretty sure most people do is hold their breath.  Essential Oils create such an all-encompassing aroma, its difficult not the breathe deep.  Unlike the concoction of synthetic fragrances, which I know I tend to hold my breath when I get even a whiff of synthetic fragranced perfumes.

So if you are a student, or have taken on extra studies from home, and you would like to be able to give yourself a natural & healthy pick me up, then I highly recommend getting yourself a Premium Starter Kit, choose one with a diffuser that you like !    Some of the other Premium Starter Kits include NingXia Red or Home products, but to get started, a diffuser is really ideal !  If you choose the Essential Rewards Program, you can always add some nutritional products in your next order.  Most people these days use at least one nutritional supplement to keep their bodies, at peak performance.

Once you have your oils, please be sure to let me know, on my Facebook Page @EnlightenedWithEssentialOils

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