Okay, so Longevity soft gels - last time I looked it out of stock, because thats how popular they are. Although, you can still get Longevity essential oil for topical or aromatically only, and the essential oils in Longevity soft gels can be purchased singularly in 15ml bottles.
As all the essential oils listed in the Longevity soft gels are approved for beverages & food, you could make your own little mix up, into some honey or sweetener of choice, maybe some coconut oil, and make a warming yummy tea out of it, with 1-2 drops of each oil.
I was personally kicking myself that I didn't get more before they went OOS.Thyme 15ml RRP $72.95 WS $55.45
Orange 15ml RRP $21.70 WS $21.70
Clove 15ml RRP$33.70 WS $25.60
Frankincense 15ml RRP $162.25 WS $123.30
Longevity soft gels 30ct RRP $70.55 WS $53.60
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