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Okay first up, disclaimer - this list could change at any given time ! hahaha and in 4 years I haven't even used all of the essential oils in the product range !  You wouldn't think hey...  The truth is, I do get oils that work for my whole family... so I buy some of the same oils very regularly, like Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Orange, Cedarwood and Thieves.

1. Gratitude, this oil blend gives me a really earthy / grounded feeling. It has Idaho balsam fir oil, Boswellia carteri (frankincense) resin oil, Coriander seed oil, Myrrh resin oil, Ylang ylang flower oil, Galbanum resin oil, Bergamot peel oil, and Geranium flower oil.  The name of the oil always gives me a smile of appreciation also.  The aroma & the name give me a sense of peace and strength.  This is on the top of my list because of these 2 reasons.

2. Frankincense, this is an all time fav, I always buy this, and next minute its gone !!!  I use it all.the.time, and never notice its empty until it is.  I use this oil for everything.  It gives me an uplifting feeling, and a sense of confidence and connection.

3. Rose, this oil is highly prized, it comes in at one of the most expense oils on our price list. Over $300 wholesale for a 5ml bottle.  This oil is not one that I buy regularly, and have only ever purchased once.  I shared the oil for only special occasions, and Im pretty sure I smelled every last aroma out of the bottle... Rose essential oil brings a real self-love goddess feeling.  A sense of worthiness.

4. Stress Away, Oh man this oil is the bees knees !!! This blend consists of - Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea, and Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia).  Its a go to in all times of Stress, exactly as the bottle is labelled.  I hold my stress as tension in my neck, and boy oh boy, I know when I need to douse myself in this oil...  Usually when I have packed my workload in back to back.  On top of that back to back workload, my children can sense my already tense self, and sometimes I think it doesn't help when they might be needing a little attention, but show it by whinging !  Oh boy does this tip me over... Im reaching for my stress away and practising my deep diaphragmatic breathing !!!  Stress away rocks my world.

5. Progessence Phyto Plus, has been out of stock for a while now, and I'm waiting patiently for it to come back... Most people comment on how beautiful I smell when I wear this oil... I love wearing this oil in all of my inner elbow, wrists, and lower belly area, it gives me a feeling of nurturing and a sense of taking time, and being a woman.

6. DiGize, is a serious essential oil, it makes me feel relieved. It has Tarragon leaf oil, Ginger root oil, Peppermint leaf oil, Juniper aerial parts oil, Fennel  seed oil, Lemongrass leaf oil, Anise fruit oil, and Patchouli leaf oil.  This is another essential oil that I love to rub on my tummy, it's a breathe of fresh air, and it tingles a bit, which is a nice sensation.

7. Rose of Sharon (Cistus), this oil gives me a sense of spirituality and an air of connection on some sacred level.  I think because it has a flighty aroma, very airy.  This aroma hits the back of my throat when I sniff it from the bottle, and it feels like something just soothed me.  This oil is definitely special.

8. Australia Blue, this blend feels like home.  I live in Australia, and it has that Aussie Grit going on for it, plus a floral sweetness, which I love. It gives me a sense of belonging to this land.  Its got in it Blue cypress wood oil, Ylang ylang flower oil, Cedarwood bark oil, White fir branch/leaf/wood oil, Geranium flower oil, Grapefruit peel oil, Tangerine peel oil, Spearmint leaf extract, Davana flower oil, Kaffir lime leaf extract, Lemon peel oil, Ocotea leaf oil, Jasmine oil**, Matricaria flower oil, Blue tansy flower oil, and Rose flower oil.

9. Lavender, this oil is my go to oil !  For everything, although, mainly for relaxation and meditation, for clumsy children, for blending in my diffuser, for when my hands feel like they have been hovering over the keyboard & mouse for too long and so so much more.. I drop this oil on the centre of my head which gives me that lavender lady feel... have you ever seen a lavender lady ? You know the lady's that carry a beautiful basket with the stalks of lavender filled over, they usually have grey hair, really flamboyant and always happy.  Yep. That.

10. Geranium, this essential oil reminds me of the home I birthed my second son in. There were gorgeous geraniums in our front garden, and I remember someone telling me geranium is a beautiful flower for supporting women in birth, and its something I will always cherish !  I love using it as a perfume oil, I love the smell.  I never ever tire of it, I continue to keep a bottle of it around.  I love blending it with lemon or citrus fresh also.  Citrus really lifts the aroma beautifully.

That's my top 10 fav essential oils, and Im so happy to be able to share them with you...  I would absolutely love to hear what your fav aroma is, let me know by leaving me a comment either here or on my Facebook page @enlightenedwithessentialoils.  Do you prefer a Floral, Woody, Citrusy or another Aroma ?  and does it bring you Sass, Earthy, or Peace of mind ?

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