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Sometimes, I seem to fly by the seat of my pants... When the Savvy Minerals Launch Tour was announced, I wasn't quite ready to know what I was doing in October, unless its an event that costs a bit more that $38 I usually pre-purchase, to make it easier for budgeting purposes.  Although, even though I knew I wanted to go, I thought, meh, I'll get my ticket a couple of weeks out... That was before I heard it totally sold out, with 500 people booked !!!  So I had to put myself on a wait list incase anyone that got in early had something else come up - Savvy people !! hahaha

In the end, I was super lucky that I got my ticket a couple of weeks out, because it was such a beautiful event to be at.

It was wonderful to be welcomed by a lovey door man possibly The Royal International Convention Centre (Royal ICC) events manager, to direct us to the room that our event was being held.

While escalating up to the first floor, I could feel a smile come over me, as I see how beautiful Young Living's events are... walking up to the registration desks, the gift bags that Young Living do are always a joy to receive..  and really, generous, for an event to cost only $38, and receive a 5ml essential oil, a NingXia Red sachet, and a Wolfberry Crisp Bar. Which are mostly standard gifts we receive at event tours such as this one. At Savvy Minerals Launch we also received a cute Savvy Minerals Magnetic Pin and our 5ml essential oil was Cedarwood.


Then as I went in, I was one of the last group of people going into the room, and it was such a great vibe walking into a room with salsa dances on the stage !  So awesome !

You can probably imagine how that just set the scene for the rest of the afternoon.....  We were taught by the creator of Savvy Minerals, how to use the product, and there was a special camera man who filmed as she applied and talked about the make up, that sent the video up onto the big screen for us to see.  Here are some of the slides...

Once we had a live demo and learned about how wonderful these products are, with no talc, no bismuth, no mineral oil, no parabens, no gluten, no nano-particles, no phthalates, no dyes, no petrochemicals, no fragrance & no synthetic colorants.  Now I could go on about why each and every one of these ingredients that are not in these products because of the many toxic problems they cause, however, Im going to let you do your own research.  Find out why it is worthwhile, considering switching your current (most probably) cosmetics that are probably loaded with harmful ingredients into the toxic waste bin and checking out these gorgeous natural products to apply to your skin.  This kind of make up isn't for everyone though, its mostly for women who really don't wear alot of make up, because they know that most make up on the market isn't good for their skin, and they believe in natural beauty anyway. We then went onto move into tables of ten, with make up artists that then helped us choose colours that best suited us.  Some of us that stuck around, ended up getting a bit more glammed up...  Here are some pic's of me getting some of the very beautiful make up put on....

While we were all standing around chatting, testing colours, there was a massive spread of yummy sliders & wraps & sandwiches to enjoy.  There were so many other fun things to do also, take photos with the salsa dancers with a savvy minerals backdrop and some fun props to play with.  Get the Savvy Minerals book signed by the creator herself, and a humble pic with her also.  There were fun prizes draws.  Some people got to have a free style consult, from a lucky under the chair prizes.  All in all it was totally lavish, lots of fun, and an amazing afternoon with some savvy women that are very conscious of what they put on their skin.

If that sounds like you, or you want to get in on the action, or learn more about the Savvy Minerals Make Up, please get in touch with me on my Facebook page.

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