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So much Inspiration

By October 18, 2017Essential oils

This write up comes directly out of a 1hr meditation.  I find that meditation really allows me to rest in so many ways...  First I quickly become present to my breathe, and consciously start breathing more deeper and fuller breaths, and I slow my breath right down too.  Then I notice how Im holding my body, where the tension is, I usually have a bit of a wiggle especially my tail bone, to make sure Im laying in a way that feels really grounded and balanced, and then I tend to let go and allow my mind to relax...
Meditation also comes from all the Inspiration around me.

I'm only guessing, but self-love and self-care have become a movement, which is beautiful to read about and watch others surrender and blossom into their own. 2 Leading women in this movement are the lady from Embrace, Taryn Brumfitt and Diana Faletti, Yoga guru.  They both have a huge following and have impacted many lives.

One of my biggest inspirations has been Danielle Laporte, mainly I think its because she has consolidated and articulated exactly whats in my heart.  She preaches, and funnily enough she does call her work, sermons... which I find humorous actually.
The best thing is, it seems to be divine timing, I somehow stumble upon her videos when she is teaching a 6 week mini course in something... and its not from the fact that at one point in time I religiously read every single email she wrote, which really filled my spirit.  It was truly unsuspecting divine timing.  However, despite her spot on truth bombs, it is the Desire Map which brings me back every. single. year.  I need to know my feelings, how do I really want to feel.  I think for a solid 3 years now I have been following how I feel, really sitting in myself and following my intuition, and sometimes, I stuff up, and I know my little heart gut radar goes off, and I don't listen because I want to trust that the outcome will be mutually beneficial. But gosh darn it, I simply just didn't trust my own alert system - and in that moment, I realise its another one of those lessons.  Danielle Laporte says "Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have." and I agree - big time !  For this work alone I am truly grateful !  Danielle Laporte's blogs get sent to friends, I have one of her quotes on my desk, and on my personal Facebook banner.  Danielle Laporte is one of my biggest Inspirations, from the day Marie Forleo interviewed her.

So I have had this list now, for the last year, of my core desired feelings which are Cosy. Earthy. Full. and Pure.  Every year I make time to revisit the process and fine tune how I really want to feel.  Another list I have (Lists are part of the Inspiration process).  The other list helps me best practise, establishing habits in my life.  The people responsible for this are the team at Kikki K.  This year I have been taking myself, and other unsuspecting bystanders (friends) along to Kikki K workshops, they will rock your socks off !!!  Ive done the Planner, Happiness, Dream.Do.Enjoy.Share, and Mindfulness workshops, another thing you might want to know about me, is that I love pen to paper. I love drawing and writing and dreaming ! It gives me warm moments of feeling connected - this is why the word Cosy is in my Core Desired Feelings.  Kikki K has created the most stunning stationary, that makes writing things down Inspiring.  I cannot help but want to tick off my habit tracker !  Or look in my planner to see what Ive written in to do for the day.  Although, this wasn't always the case, mostly Ive had a few different methods of organising my life, and mostly, its been writing it down quickly on the back of my hand, or keeping it stored in my head, and forgetting, which really doesn't work by the way.  Kikki K has really inspired me to take an extra step forward, and put the things I want to do into practise !! and it took until now to take the action, Ive always wanted to, by writing these little notes of self expression to whomever might read them, which is you, so thank you !

About this time last year, because October is a planning month for me, I start to gear into what's next... and also Christmas doesn't take long before its upon us, and I like to be thinking about how Im gifting and enjoy the process, rather than rushing around last minute.  So last year I bought my children, my husband, my parents and friends, Gratitude Journals.  I found that prior to that I was inspired by Wayne Dyers process write down 3 things you are grateful for & send blessings to 3 people who piss you off.  That worked wonderfully for me, and I saw myself shift. It was like good things seemed to show up whenever I made the time to sit and do this process.  I think my heart popped out a little !!!  I wanted that same experience for my loved ones, that we all shift towards the bright side of life, and it took the edge off the people who pissed me off. a lot.  I became way more present to what I love, and why I love it, and how I want to feel...

You can probably see a pattern emerging because, all of these little things add up, and because Im a big lover of quotes, here is one that sums it up ! "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the Big things." by Robert Brault

And 1 thing that has been consistent throughout everything, through all of the journalling, all of the writing, all of the meditation, learning, putting one foot in front of the other, and that is my Young Living Essential Oils that I get excited about logging into my wholesale membership account and looking through my oils and picking my next order.  These oils have been a constant go to in everything I do.  They have such a life force of their own, that they uplift me, they expand me, they comfort me, they add that bit of sparkle into my life that makes me feel beautiful - and for me, that is priceless.... because when all is said and done, being full, from the inside out, on my own, is, for me, the highest form of self-love there is.

These oils go with me wherever I go, they feel like a force field of protection.  If you can visualise yourself holding these beautiful oils in your hands, and feel all the feelings that you want to feel, and ready to take the next step and make that a reality, send me a message on Facebook or pop me a quick email so we can chat about how to move forward.  And, if you feel this gave you some inspiration today, please share with others you might think need that same inspired feeling.

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