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Hey there, My name is Beck.  I'm a Young Living Essential Oils Wholesale Member and Independent Distributor.

Essential oils are used for cleaning, personal care products, supplements, to get harmful chemicals out of the home, and to support a healthy body.

What that means is, I get to have really beautiful natural products surrounding me all the time.  Whenever my children stink the toilet out, Ive got the Thieves or Purification essential oil blend to thank, and even when there is a build up of grime on my shower or tiles, I don't have to breathe in toxic fumes from heavy duty cleaning products (that sometimes don't even get the job done), I have Lavender for any teary moments, and Stress Away essential oil blend, which is pretty self explanatory ; )
I've been able to up my oral care game with the toothpastes, mouthwashes, soaps and facial scrubs.
My favourite NingXia Red, which I never really got into until this year, and it has been in pretty much every single monthly order I have made (my children love it too, bonus!) and a whole range of essential nutrition for supporting a healthy body, like the ComforCleanse to maintain a healthy digestion, and JuvaPower a vegetable powder, and fibre complex combined with pure Anise and Fennel essential oils, incase you want to supplement your already fresh and tasty meal times.

In all seriousness, if I go to one of the major stores, I have to hold my breath walking down laundry isle, once I removed the synthetic smelly products out of my life, they are hard not to notice, because when I was using them all the time, I just didn't have anything to notice, but now, I notice, big time.  Removing toxins out of one's life is a massive, benefit for so many reasons. Like for taking care of our whole family, and the environment of our planet & all of the living creatures on it (because Im not sure if that Mars back up plan is something that appeals to me!).

I know when I got my first Kit, I bought it for Frankincense, and PanAway (a blend for applying to neck and back or to soothe a tired body after exercise) the cost of these oils if you buy them singularly (not in a kit) are one of the more high end cost oils, and they are in the kit, which makes the kit a very worthwhile purchase.  The Premium Starter Kit (PSK) is the ultimate way to go, because it has all the oils that anyone can use on a daily basis, plus it comes with a diffuser !! When you check the cost of the diffusers purchased separately from the Kit, you will know you have made a great saving.  Then if you would like to continue ordering, by getting started with the PSK you will have your very own wholesale membership, which will get you 24 percent off all future purchases. No membership fees, and the only thing to keep your wholesale account active is to make sure you make an annual purchase, so no annual fees, its a purchase that you will get a product that you can use !!! YIPPEEE !!!
Personally I can say, for the last 4years of getting my monthly YLEO Essential Rewards Order has been the best choice I have made for me and my family.

How do you get these beautiful oils into your home ?  Its so Easy, head over to my online shop and follow the prompts.  Once you have opened your wholesale account, I will invite you to come to classes, events and to keep learning, and you will become a member of the global online community too !!  and if you have any questions, the team is only a phone call away.
I'm so excited for you to be here and begin or continue to enjoy the beauty of the essential oil lifestyle.

Rebecca Thompson

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