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Spirit World can come in many forms and many belief systems.  Its a funny old thing when we are making life choices to consider what our beliefs are.  Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Agnostic, Atheist, Pagan, Buddhist, Muslim, Kindness, Scientist etc...

Whether you want to use essential oils to integrate into your belief systems for prayer, meditation, daily habits, rituals or to enhance your already great life.  Essential oils are for all walks of life.

Essential oils come from raw plant materials, such as stems, foliage, bark, roots or flower petals.  From nature.  It doesn't matter what you believe in, nature will always be nature, I hope, without going into topics for discussion like GMO's, Land mining and Deforestation.

Ancient writings tell of scented barks, resins, spices, aromatic vinegars, wines, and beers that were used in rituals, temples, astrology, embalming, and apothecary.  It is said that Egyptians wrote many recipes of blending oils in hieroglyphics in the walls of temples.  The Romans purified their temples and political buildings by diffusing essential oils with  and also used scents in their steam baths.  There are some amazing photos from the middle east of distilleries, incense burners, and temple walls that I have seen in various essential oils books I have picked up.   I love love the richness that comes with this kind of history.

From what I have also read, the Bible has a strong source of knowledge or references to essential oils, in the scriptures.

Young Living Essential Oils has a gorgeous and golden labeled collection dedicated to some of the most familiar of the oils mentioned in the ancient scriptures, which is called "Oils of Ancient Scripture" collection.  I bought it a while back when one of our oily family started to speak highly of the oils.  They have been a real joy to have in my home office.  I've been given a back massage with them, which was so divine !  I've put them in my diffuser necklace, and put them on my skin neat.  Sometimes I literally like to breathe them in, straight from the bottle.

I'm going to be real, I have no idea what the oils actually do, well thats not exactly true, I've read some cool stuff, and all's I know is that after 4 years of making my monthly essential rewards order, that I have a set list of oils I cannot do without around the house or in my handbag.  If you are looking for some detailed answer on why, don't ask me, I can't even tell you why, it's simply because I just enjoy them, they relax me, they make the place smell amazing, I get compliments all the time on how good I smell, and that alone is a good enough reason to keep a a good stash of essential oils where ever I am.

So no matter who you are, what you do, you can enjoy the love of essential oils...
Which reminds me to let you know, if you do decide to jump on the essential oil band wagon, there are some amazing promo's, you can check them out here -

The Christmas Catalogue that is now being sent out with every order is gorgeous, and it has some beautiful options for all kinds of gift options, including an awesome price on The Oils of Ancient Scripture Collection.  Normally it is $353.00 WHSL. In the Christmas Catalogue it is $310.40 WHSL.  Worth checking out I'd say !!!  See the Christmas Catalogue here -

Have fun browsing and Ill see you on my Facebook page for other fun updates !

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