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I'm excited ! You know why, because Im doing something for others, that I've never done before...

It's super exciting being part of something that is bigger than me, as part of a bigger picture team effort, we are all contributing by running our own fundraising projects.  To be honest I didn't have a clue where to start.  So I created some events to teach people how to use Young Living Essential Oils in their food, as we have a beautiful range of culinary oils.  Which you can find here -

Every Wednesday in my home on the Gold Coast.  I love everything that these oils do, so it was a no brainer to play with the oils with food, so tasty !! The tickets are only $25.00 for an individual ticket. The tickets sales cover the cost of food and oils. You get to eat what we make, and take home the recipes.  It's only  $5 for anyone who purchases a Culinary Oils Kit on the day. If you bring yourself + at least 2 friends, you can all come for only $10 each! $5 from every ticket goes to the Young Living foundation.

Other things I was mulling over the idea of doing.... Shaving my head for my 40th birthday ?  Do I do a walk 40kms ? Live in 6 pieces of clothing for 6 weeks ? Fast for 40hours ? Pamper Parties ?

I have to say, I love love love these ideas, and please feel free to jump on board with these ideas, however I'm fundraising for Disaster Relief, where peoples lives have to be rebuilt from scratch, so they don't really seem like they are on par with what the purpose is.  I would absolutely camp out for 40 days, however Im not sure if my family would be okay with coming along on that journey with me.  Although I will discuss this as an option with them.

Although I wanted to run a campaign for an idea that is super easy for everyone to contribute to, its actually not my idea, people buy raffle tickets all the time for charities or competitions to win things.

I've created an online fundraiser where it is simply easy to Donate, the goal amount is USD$1000.00.  I called it "Many Hands make Light Work" because its thats what I believe this is, its a community effort.

I really wanted to give something away to say thank you for contributing also.  So, Ive found this gorgeous 5ml bottle of Loyalty essential oil blend, which I had in my stash, and I never know what I will do with my stash, sometimes I give oils away, other times, I do a promo, this time I want to give this beautiful priceless oil away to share the love of giving. The reason I say it is priceless, is because you won't find it on the product guide or price list, as it was specifically formulated by Founder of Young Living and father of the modern-day essential oils movement D. Gary Young specifically to Reward members who have demonstrated their commitment to Young Living’s Essential Rewards (ER) subscription program.  Which I am part of, this is my 2nd or 3rd Loyalty blend that I have received now, and to be honest it has to be for something amazing because the oil has some highly regarded, expensive oils in it.

Loyalty includes some of the most luxurious and valuable oils that Young Living offers, including Rose, Sacred Sandalwood, and Sacred Frankincense. This combination represents how much we value members who use our products to infuse their lives with wellness, purpose, and abundance.

The scents of Ylang Ylang, Lavender, and Geranium essential oils in the Loyalty blend help create a pleasant, relaxing environment, while Idaho Blue Spruce and Vetiver help support a sense of grounding. Combined, the oils in this blend create an aroma that encourages members to be interconnected with one another and inspires an environment of thoughtful intention for building relationships.

So Im fundraising it, for a purpose, I want to raise as much money as I can to change the lives for as many people as possible.  Especially those in need.  With all of the natural disasters in the world today, when you live an abundant life, with a beautiful home, with a beautiful family, and eat good food, it can be one of the things we might take for granted, because if there was a fire, a flood, a tornado that took out someone you know's home, to rebuild that, is a mammoth effort.  The carpets, the walls, the building structure itself, all the household belongings.  Even things that can never be replaced like memories.  The least we can do is help those rebuild their lives.

If you would like to help me raise funds, that would be amazing, I would happily host a tea, or a pamper party, or even maybe shave my head, to raise money, I think though, Im a bit proud to shave my head, so I think I would have to ask to raise $10,000 to do something like.  $1,000 between 100 people is only $10 each.  Im not sure how many friends you have, but Ill be reaching out to beyond my friends and family to contribute.  If 500 put in $2 or 200 put in $5 that I think would be a one off request, no direct debits, no monthly payments, just a one off collection to go into the greater collection of $1000 is my aim.

So I have no doubt that you will help me in this cause, let's do this ! because together many hands make light work and we are game changers.


Here's how:

Once you click on this link -
Make your donation, and do a screen shot of your donation and email it to me, that will be your raffle ticket entry -

$2 gets 1 ticket in the draw
$5 gets 3 tickets in the draw
$10 gets 5 tickets in the draw
anything above $20 gets 8 tickets in the draw

The winner will be announced on FB and Instagram Live on the 21st of March, Harmony Day.

If you feel like going the extra mile, please share with your loved ones to help us create a frenzy of goodness.
You can share how ever you please, forward this email, send the link to your friends via SMS or Messenger or share from Facebook or Instagram.

Please join me making a difference in the world by contributing with your abundance to people that have to start from scratch.  Truly, many hands make light work.

Many thanks, and blessings to you xo Beck

ps. And another thing I am conjuring up, is a garage sale, everyone I know is doing Kon Marie-'ing their homes.  So if it doesn't spark joy for you, Id happily collect anything that is in good condition to sell at from my garage on Saturday the 23rd of March Ill be having a garage sale at my home where all the money raised will be going to the same foundation.  Infact, I don't even want to have to go into the bank to deposit money into an account, so all payments will be taken via the foundation donation link as above.  I know Im lazy like that, but its a good lazy !!! xox hahaha love love

Love, Abundance, and all Heart !




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