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Shine Your Light

Your Essential Oil, Crystal, Colour, Light Energy, Collection

Be the light, Shine bright.

This collection is created to cover Mind, Body, Soul. A holistic experience.To support you through Emotional Challenges, uplifting the Spirit, and reminding you that you are a glorious wondrous being !

You might already be attracted to colour therapy and crystals for guidance and daily affirmations that create a great frame of mind throughout the day and beautiful aromas that nourish the soul.

This is a collection that if you immerse yourself in the experience of using in your regular daily practices, by following the directions on the cards and the complimentary online course, that you can realise how divine you are.

The application of the aromas has been purposefully created to release emotions that may have been holding you back. So with this in mind, when working with this collection, you may want to use a journal to keep record of your experiences.

The blends, Rise, Align, Expansion, Glow, Divinity, and Blossom, are altogether lovely and have been harmonised to the sound frequency's from a base of trust up to the high notes of love.

If you are ready to do something fresh, new and bright for you, then this collection is sure to satisfy.

Complimentary with your purchase is the essential oils roller set Mini-Course which is made specifically for this collection so you can better know how to use your oils collection and better know all the love that i've put into this beautiful set.

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