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All this PINK!

By April 21, 2017May 10th, 2017Thoughts

All this Pink, is Branding. Funnily enough, did you know that the colour Pink is Red with White mixed in. Red is the highest colour on the rainbow, and that makes it a high vibration colour, its the longest & strongest, which is why it feels like it emits heat, that lots of people in the colder months love wearing red. Also, the belief that red cars go faster could be actually true. Don't quote me though. It is also known to be a masculine colour. Where as blue is known to be a feminine colour.

Did you know that the left side of the body is supposed to represent the feminine & the right the masculine ?

Did you know our breasts & nipples are created for nourishing & bonding new life ?

Since Im on a bandwagon, I may as well just say, I think we should change the colour from Pink to Orange. Sweet, Juicy, & Round, like Oranges.

Also, as per the image suggests, the companies that claim to be fighting for a cure for breast cancer, should stop using toxic harmful chemicals that cause that very disease. i.e./ cosmetic companies that donate for the cure to be found (well thats going to be a matter of economy isn't it?) Why would they find a cure, if they can sell women a product that donates money towards finding a cure.

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